Delan Azabani

Rationing time in an era of drought

I'm not dead yet. I've recently started working at Aspermont Limited, supporting and maintaining their internal web applications while also helping with gradual migrations to ASP.NET. With ten hours a week there, four tutoring Software Engineering 110, and fourteen contact hours of full time study, unfortunately I now have much less spare time than I have been accustomed to.

Many of my friends and family have warned me against taking up this much responsibility and load so suddenly, because I would risk burning out during the semester. This isn't aided by the fact that the units I'm now taking seem to require a significant step up in workload, beyond having three assignments and an unwieldy group project.

However, 28 hours a week of scheduled obligations isn't by any means extreme; it isn't even what one would typically consider "full time employment". I'm looking into methods like timeboxing and the Pomodoro technique to hone my focus as the number of tasks I need to deal with grows beyond that which can be handled in an ad-hoc manner. Until then, my monotonically increasing personal todo list will have to take a distant back seat.

So far they've proved quite helpful, but other issues have arisen. How do I stay productive for more than a few timeboxes every day? How can I optimise my workflow and task prioritisation such that I can achieve maximum efficiency? As someone who has never dedicated much thought to managing time, these questions and more are still unanswered for me, and how well I will cope with the next three months remains to be seen.