Delan Azabani


I’m a computer programmer based in Perth, Australia. My passions include all kinds of systems programming from Rust to x86 assembly and beyond, internationalisation and Unicode, digital preservation and archaeology, typography, cryptography, and above all, teaching. I’m also a trans woman (she/her pronouns)!

When I’m away from my computer, I enjoy cooking, speedrunning, solving cubes, folk punk, and road trips. I moved to Sydney for work in 2017, but at last I’m back in Perth where I belong.

I’ve worked with a wide range of stacks at a wide range of levels, including frontend and backend web development, builds and releases, sysadmin and devops, databases and directories, and performance analysis.

Before that I was a tutor and computer science student at Curtin University, and the president of its Computer Science Students Association.

I’m an active user of GitHub and Bitbucket. I usually release all of my code and content under the terms of the ISC licence and the CC BY licence respectively. In fact, even the source of this site is available on GitHub!

You can reach me at, @dazabani, or +61 466 442 256.