Delan Azabani

Conference talks

Customising the web: browsers as user agents

at Igalia web platform meetup, November 2023 [video] [slides]

The ability for users to customise the websites they use is something that empowers them to interact with the web on their own terms, and this is a big part of what makes a browser a user agent.

This talk explains why user customisation is important for the web, with a focus on userstyles, userscripts, and bookmarklets. I analyse how people use them, point out what we can learn from those use cases, demonstrate how you can use them yourself, explain their limitations, and discuss how we can make them better.

Servo 2023

at Web Engines Hackfest 2023 [video] [slides]

Servo is a web engine written in Rust. After parts of it were integrated into Mozilla Firefox, the project became independent but dormant in 2020. This year, with renewed interest in using it as a standalone embeddable engine, Servo is returning to active development.

This talk will go over the work we’ve done so far and our plans for the rest of 2023, particularly in Servo’s layout system, as well as how you can help.

Faster style and paint for CSS highlights

at BlinkOn 17 [video] [slides]

CSS highlight pseudos extend the familiar ::selection feature into a far more powerful system that coherently integrates user selections, spelling and grammar errors, author highlights, and more.

Now that Blink’s implementation is nearing completion, this talk will explain how we were able to support that powerful system reasonably performantly, and without regressing existing content.

Update on CSS highlight pseudos

at BlinkOn 16 [video] [slides]

A quick progress update on Igalia’s work implementing the new highlight pseudo system in Chromium.

CSS highlight pseudos

at BlinkOn 15 [video] [slides]

Overview of the new spec for ::selection and other highlights, the status of their implementation in Chromium, the challenges we still face, and what’s next.