Delan Azabani 2014, day 0: University Computer Club

After avoiding a long queue tomorrow by registering early, I decided to use a bit of spare time taking a peek at how our sibling rivals at the University Computer Club are going. Everywhere I looked there was an impressive piece of history, and this is but a small selection.

UCC does offer attendees free shell and email accounts for the month, but I might just keep them and become a member if registrations are open during the conference. It'll be a good chance to further explore the hardware that was long forgotten by most others, and is now in the hands of a club who's turning 40 this year.

Door stops: a Macintosh Classic II

More stops: an indigo iMac G3

Australia's only Internet connected drink machine

DEC VT420 terminal, still alive and kicking

The server room, with Ubuntu on tap

NEC PowerMate 386 and a DEC AlphaServer 1200