Delan Azabani 2014 is in Perth this year, and it's perfect timing for me as I won't have to travel out of the city for my first attendance. As the conference jumps between universities across Australia and New Zealand each year, the last time it was held here was eleven years ago.

While I'll have to betray my soon alma mater and enter the foreign realm of the University of Western Australia, it'll be interesting to meet some people from its University Computer Club, the counterpart of ComSSA, and see how things are done over on the other side.

There are so many great events that it's nearly impossible to list them all here, and even more difficult to choose what to attend in the sea of overlapping conference tracks.

Everything from Go and Rust to kernel hacking, smoothly scaling web applications to GPU programming, filesystems, text editors, Arduino and almost anything else you can imagine will be in one place next week.

There's simply far too much for me to do it any justice, so don't take my word for it, just go anyway. To conclude with an obligatory plug, there are 9% of the conference tickets still yet to be sold, so now is the time to register. It's only $99 for us notoriously poor students.